POLITICO, where I’ve been part of the aggressive tech reporting team responsible for dedicated coverage of the field through our Morning Tech newsletter, in short news alerts for Pro subscribers, and in longer coverage since joining in June of 2017. A selection of my articles is available to read for free and you can sign up for Morning Tech here.

warrenlogoCOMMUNICATIONS DAILYa daily hard news tech publication focused on Washington regulation and politics (June 2012-June 2017). This publication is sent out to specific, high-paying subscribers, but a limited sampling of my articles are free to read online. These include:

TBD ON FOOTdaily reported and analytical transportation blog of local D.C. news site TBD (June 2011-June 2012). I wrote more than 750 posts during my year here, covering streetcars and biking, Car2Go and walking, WMATA’s trains and buses, the politics of traffic safety, and the business of transportation in a playful and personality-driven tone., website of the national magazine The Atlantic (June 2010-June 2011). Click here to review my clips for The Atlantic’s website, which included several articles for the Tech, Entertainment, National, and Food channels. I wrote both as an editorial fellow and freelance. Highlights include:

Recent Freelance

THE WEEKI began regular freelance arts writing for this news publication in the fall of 2013, covering the Showtime drama Homeland.

THE MILLIONS, a literature-focused news and criticism publication. “Cyber-Babbittry: Conventionality and Banality Are Alive and Well on the Internet,” November 2012.

SPLITSIDER, an affiliate of The Awl, “Heineken! Damn Fine Coffee! The Wry, Enduring Comedic Collaboration of David Lynch and Kyle MacLachlan ,” November 2011.

FORTUNE/CNN.COM. “Can a Dog Still Earn an MBA?” a freelance investigation into a notorious diploma mill, June 2011.

TEMEMATICS UPDATE, a tech industry publication. I freelanced several pieces for this publication in 2011, focusing on augmented reality, the dynamics of the BRIC countries, the issues surrounding usage-based insuranceinfo-tainment solutions in Latin America, and security for Brazilian cars and cargo.

EYEFORPHARMA, an industry publication. I reported on how near-field communication could influence the pharmaceutical industry in 2011.

Older Work

MISSOURI LIFE, bimonthly regional magazine

Rock n’ Roll Goes to School in Columbia,” April 2009: 1500-word profile on Hickman High School’s Academy of Rock, a dynamic music club celebrating its fifth year

3:AM Magazine, Paris-based literary publication veering towards the transgressive

Tales from a Midwestern Lottery Winner,January 2009: 1200-word non-fiction account of my family winning the Missouri lottery over a decade ago

INSIDE COLUMBIA, monthly city magazine of Columbia, Missouri

Hey Y’all, Watch This,August 2008: Two thousand words on the spectacle that was the Missouri Redneck Games

Acting Out,” April 2008: An 1100 word profile of the Independent Actors Theatre, which teaches classes and has performed risque  plays, such as Tennessee Williams’ “Confessional” staged in a Columbia bar called The Eastside Tavern

VOX Magazine, weekly city culture magazine, contributing writer in Spring 2008

Jay Lindner, 27 and Emily Rosko, 28,” Columbia’s 30 Under 30 feature package, October 4th, 2007

It’s Alright Ma, I’m Only Teaching, February 7th, 2008: 2,000 word feature on Phil Overeem, a high school literature teacher who built up a rock n’ roll club called The Academy of Rock that has brought the Drive-By Truckers and The Hold Steady to the high school (web version here)

From Ravages to Resurrection, February 21st, 2008: A 1400 word profile of The Drive-By Truckers after line-up changes and the release of their seventh album, Brighter Than Creation’s Dark (web version here)

Sound Advice: Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin,” April 3rd, 2008: A review of the Springfield band’s latest album Pershing

Gazing Beyond Stars, April 17th, 2008: A profile of the Canadian pop band Stars with a focus on Amy Millan, also a member of the supergroup Broken Social Scene

Cheap n’ Good in the Neighborhood, April 17th, 2008: Infographic feature on the cheapest items in Columbia, Missouri, with categories ranging from craigslist hookers to toilet paper to beer

The Looking Glass,” April 24th, 2008: Two profiles of LGBT figures in the areas of religion (the openly gay pastor Maureen Dickmann) and politics (the Log Cabin Republicans of St. Louis, Missouri) (web version here)

GREEN BUSINESS QUARTERLY, a quarterly business publication focusing on environmental issues

Green Living Comes to Grand Cayman,Spring 2009: A profile about a couple who built green condos within the Grand Cayman islands

THE MISSOURI REVIEW, national literary magazine, editorial intern during Summer 2007 and in charge of editing and contributing to its official literary blog

A Faulkner Redefined,” June 15th, 2007

A Libyan 1984,” June 29th, 2007

The Perils of Literary Laziness,” July 16th, 2007

A World of Possibilities,” July 30th, 2007

Reaching Voters Who Read,” August 26th, 2007

Ralph Ellison: Far From Invisible,” September 6th, 2007

Putting a Million Little Pieces Back Together,” September 22nd, 2007

INDEX ON CENSORSHIP and HUMAN RIGHTS HOUSE: LONDON, London-based quarterly free expression magazine, Editorial Intern in London, Spring 2007

Egyptian Blogger Sentenced to Four Years Imprisonment,” Index on Censorship website, Feb. 22nd, 2007: This breaking news article went up on the same day that blogger Kareem Amer was sentenced to four years in jail for his writings.

Vagina T-shirt Storm Blows Through Kansas City,” Index on Censorship website, April 2007: In this article I reported on a recent wave of American censorship against depictions of genitalia.

Protestors Around the World Give Voice to the Silenced,” Human Rights House: London, February 2007: I reported firsthand on protests against the Egyptian government’s treatment of blogger Kareem Amer at the Egyptian embassy in London. My reporting led to conversations with protestors in other cities and leaders in the Cato Institute.

Culture of protest resonates in Oaxaca,” Human Rights House: London, March 2007

Free Expression Not a Reality in South Africa, says Special Rapporteur,Human Rights House: London, January 2007

Egyptian blogger Kareem Amer

Egyptian Blogs Begin New Conversation for Women,” Human Rights House: London, April 2007: I reported on how Egyptian blogs have lent new independence to some women as well as demonstrated the blending of journalism and blogs in a country with censored media.

Blogger Jailed for Four Years,” Human Rights House: London, February 2007

New Book Sheds Light on Repression,” Human Rights House: London, April 2007

THE COLUMBIA MISSOURIAN, daily community newspaper, business beat reporter for Fall 2006

“Canopies’ Removal Sheds Light on Broadway,” September 3rd, 2006

Wireless Technology to Link Mid-Missouri,” September 3rd, 2006: Details on new business possibilities regarding WiMax in Mid-Missouri

Macy’s becomes style in department stores,September 10th, 2006

“Developer sees future for living it up downtown,September 28th, 2006

Alley Rehab Proponents Urge Action,” November 10th, 2006: In downtown Columbia, some business owners see potential through alleys and beyond dumpsters.

New Wal-Mart spurs interests of community,” November 15th, 2006: In response to Columbia’s third super Wal-Mart, this article focuses on an MU economics professor’s academic research into Wal-Mart’s impact on communities

Putting Down New Roots,” November 16, 2006: Profile of the organic grocery store The Root Cellar in its new downtown location

Looking Beyond the Median,” July 25th, 2008: 3000 word feature on the state of gifted education in Columbia and throughout all of Missouri

THE MANEATER, campus newspaper, Weekly Columnist for Spring 2007 and Spring 2008, and Senior Staff Writer of assorted news, arts, and a feature during my freshmen year. Thirty-nine of these clips can be found here.